When considering arc flash hazards, the question arises, 'Who is at risk from arc flash hazards?' The answer? Anyone who comes near any energized equipment is at risk from arc flash hazard. Arc flash hazards can exist in any electrical device where the energy is high enough to sustain an arc, no matter what the voltage. Therefore arc flash labeling is vitally important for the safety of those who may be working on or near energized equipment.

Some of the employees that are likely to be at risk from arc flash hazards include electricians, electrical technicians, engineers, machine and equipment operators, HVAC technicians, field service technicians, mechanics, maintenance workers, and supervisors.

Some of the dangerous tasks these workers may do that expose them to arc flash hazards include: installing and maintaining electrical equipment and lighting, working on panel boards, installing or removing circuit breakers, working on control circuits, transformers, working anywhere energized parts are exposed, installing or replacing motors, replacing fuses, working on generators, applying safety grounds, removing panel covers, voltage testing, voltage diagnostics, system shutdowns and startups, supervising maintenance operations, and many other tasks.

Circuits can remain energized, even after they are thought to be shut down, due to confusion, inaccurate labeling, faulting wiring, poor training, or human error. On the job safety from arc flash hazards is improved when education, safe work practices and procedures, appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment), and proper labeling, are part of your safety program.

The proper labeling of arc flash hazards is vital. Labeling your facility can help prevent accidents related to arc flash, as well as other electrical accidents. These accidents are more easily prevented when employees are aware of arc flash risks and dangers in their environment. The SafetyPro arc flash label printer works with industry standard arc flash calculators and arc flash software. You have a job to do, and you need to get it done right the first time. Arc flash labeling is an essential part of any arc flash safety project. You need arc flash labels that will work properly, and last. We provide the #1 arc flash labels in the industry. Customers tell us that we are the absolute best source for arc flash labeling supplies and equipment. That's because we offer the most durable arc flash labels and supplies, at the most affordable prices.