Labeling is an important consideration whether you are the electrical engineer completing arc flash analysis, or the maintenance manager processing the arc flash analysis. For arc flash hazard identification labeling, custom is the way to go. Custom labels are labels that you print when you want them, with the specific information you need, for the exact locations they need to be placed.

Custom arc flash labels have many benefits over generic catalog labels. Custom labels have the identification and hazard information unique to your specific facility. With custom labels you decide what quantity of labels you want. Do you need one, or do you need a thousand? When you use a custom label printer, you can create the exact number of labels you want and need. Do you need labels now? Don't wade through catalogs and websites to order generic labels and then wait for weeks to get them while hoping you are going to get the right ones. When you print custom labels, you eliminate the guesswork, you eliminate the wait, and you eliminate the wasted time.

The real power of custom labeling for arc flash hazards can only be fully realized with the SafetyPro labeling system. SafetyPro has industry-leading speed and quality. SafetyPro works with your PC to create custom arc flash and general safety labels in seconds. With SafetyPro you save even more time by printing right from your analysis database. Industrial Safety Solutions provides arc flash labeling solutions that work with SKM, eTap, EasyPower, and a number of other arc flash calculation programs. SafetyPro helps you get the job done right, with arc flash vinyl labels that will last for years, even in tough environments. Complete arc flash packages from Industrial Safety Solutions are designed to give you exactly what you need when it comes to custom labeling. SafetyPro is your custom labeling solution!