Arc flash has received significant attention in recent years. It had been previously believed that electrical shock was the cause of death in most electrical accidents. However, most hospitalizations from electrical accidents are due to arc flash related injuries rather than electrical shock. Current standards and regulations are in place to help safeguard employees who are at risk of injury from occupational hazards such as arc flash.

Safety labeling is required by the United States Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OHSA). Safety labeling is a top priority in helping lessen occupational hazards. Many worksites have missing or outdated safety labels that are required for hazard identification.

The NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) 70E standard contains vital information regarding arc flash signage and labeling to help workers avoid accidents involving arc flash dangers. Proper hazard identification through labeling is a critical part of promoting awareness. Awareness of hazards increases safety.

NFPA NEC (National Electric Code)70, contains important information regarding electrical installation. The latest revisions to NFPA NEC 70 include information on labeling compliance and arc flash hazards.

OSHA standards 29-CFR (Part 1910, sub part S) electrical standard 1910.333 emphasizes the importance of proper safety labeling and states that: 'safety related work practices shall be used to protect employees who may be exposed to the electrical hazards'. Compliance with OHSA standards on proper labeling promotes safety. Due to increased awareness of the occupational hazards associated with the dangers of arc flash in the workplace, OHSA may site workplaces that fail to meet regulations on arc flash labeling.

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