Everyone wants to save money and increase profitability. One way electrical engineers can be more competitive in their bids is by saving money on labeling. For the most durable arc flash labels and the most affordable price, Industrial Safety Solutions is your best source for arc flash labeling supplies and equipment. With the SafetyPro custom label printer you can create the arc flash labels you need, when you need them! Not only may you save hundreds of dollars per project, you will be able to control the design and layout of your labels to match your exact project specifications.

Outsourcing labeling jobs can often lead to poor results, high label costs, long wait times, and low quality labels that are not as durable and long lasting as they should be. Generic labels ordered from catalogs or online can take much time and often frustrating guesswork. Shipping for those generic labels can add weeks to your wait time, and when you don't get exactly what you needed, you have to start the shopping process all over again, and wait some more.

With the SafetyPro, your labeling solution, custom arc flash labels are easy, high quality, and will save you money. With arc flash labels that are second to none, ISS doesn't skimp on quality! Arc flash labels from Industrial Safety Solutions are 4mil thick and outperform the paper-thin labels you'll get from the competition. With chemical, scratch, UV and petrol resistant thermal transfer ink ribbons, you can create custom arc flash labels that will last for years. Industrial Safety Solutions presents a unique combination of durable vinyl and thermal transfer ink that make SafetyPro labels virtually indestructible. SafetyPro is the #1 name in arc flash labeling. Save time and increase your profitability with custom labeling systems from ISS, your labeling solution!