Every year workers are injured or killed by electric current. Over half the deaths are from working on live electric currents without the proper protection. As much as one third of those deaths involved low voltage currents.

A common misconception is that electrical arc flashes are a product of only high voltage currents. Electrical arc flashes are not voltage sensitive. In fact, arc flashes can occur across a range of voltages, not just high voltage. It is possible to generate higher arc energy from a low voltage source compared to a high voltage source. An arc is produced by the flow of electric current through ionized air after the initial short circuit. The amount of energy will determine the temperature of the arc flash and can reach as high as 35,000 degrees Fahrenheit, which is four times higher than the surface of the sun.

It is also possible for low voltage equipment to have the identical arc flash hazard/risk categories as high voltage equipment. Arc flash hazard/risk categories are ratings representing the level of danger. Low voltage arc flashes can have consequences that can be more damaging than high voltage arc flashes depending on various factors. Some low current low voltage arc flash events can produce substantial and sustained amounts of incident energy and can have devastating results.

By remembering that arc flash risks are not necessarily lower because equipment is low voltage, then the appropriate precautions and safety measures can be taken so that workplace safety remains at the forefront.

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