Employees who work on or near energized equipment face many hazards including dangers from arc flash hazards caused by arcing faults. Regulations require arc flash labels to be placed on energized equipment that workers may come in contact with to reduce potential accidents due to arc flash dangers and hazards.

Arc flash labeling benefits workers in many ways. Labels provide workers with important safety information. Arc flash labels also outline the specific PPE (personal protective equipment) that should be used while working on the equipment. Labels that are kept current and up to date provide proper documentation, and enhance system reliability. In addition to benefiting employees with greater safety and potentially saving lives, the company benefits as well through improved facility safety, increased productivity, and reduced insurance premiums.

Vinyl arc flash label printers from Industrial Safety Solutions are a powerful and effective method for marking the arc flash hazards in your facility. The SafetyPro label printer has multiple uses for electrical hazard safety labeling and general facility safety labeling. SafetyPro arc flash labeling systems make your arc flash labeling more economical. When you need to update your circuit protection labeling or hazard signage for compliance, trust Industrial Safety Solutions line of arc flash printers and supplies. Durable, compatible and time-tested, our thermal transfer label printers can generate custom arc flash labels when you need them. Whether it's an arc flash danger sign or an overhead electrical hazard warning sign, Industrial Safety Solutions has the printers to get the job done right.