OHSA outlines regulations regarding hazard labeling for many hazardous environments where electrical hazards may have an impact on safety. Many facilities are affected by those regulations. To reach compliance with those regulations, start by working with trained electrical engineers who will develop hazard identification plans for your facilities.

Professional engineers may perform an arc flash hazard analysis for your facility to identify where potential electrical arc flash hazards exists. The arc flash analysis performs calculations to determine the amount of incident energy, determine arc flash boundaries, and identify what personal protection equipment should be used. An Arc flash hazard analysis identifies the pieces of information that are necessary for the safety of those who work on or around energized equipment in your facility.

After the professional electrical engineer has developed a plan appropriate for your facility, then use the standards-based instructions to properly label the electrical hazards in your facility. When electrical hazards are properly labeled and identified, dangers can more easily be avoided helping to prevent injuries and possibly saving lives. Arc flash hazards are only present when electrical equipment is energized, however, arc flash accidents have devastating consequences, and they happen every day. Be proactive by making sure electrical equipment in your facility is properly labeled with the appropriate safety labels.

The proper labeling of arc flash hazards is vital. You can help prevent accidents related to arc flash, as well as other electrical accidents, by using electrical engineers to assist your company in properly labeling hazards in your facility. Electrical engineering is a demanding job, and one of the current demands of the electrical engineering industry is effective labeling. Industrial Safety Solution customers worldwide tell us that we are the absolute best source for electrical labeling supplies and equipment. That's because we offer the most durable labels, at the most affordable price. The SafetyPro label printer works with industry standard arc flash calculators and arc flash software. The SafetyPro Industrial Labeling Printer is your arc flash labeling solution. SafetyPro from ISS is more than just value; it is the #1 arc flash labeling solution in the industry. Don't settle; only accept the best in arc flash labeling supplies.