Electrical dangers are often misunderstood. Contrary to common belief, it is highly possible to be killed in an electrical accident without actually being electrocuted. There is increased awareness of the electrical hazard known as 'arc flash'. More people are hospitalized from arc flash burns and other arc flash injuries than from electrocution. Arc flash is lightning on a smaller scale, and like lightning, it can be deadly. When there is a short circuit, an arc flash is produced as the flow of electrical current moves through ionized air. The amount of energy determines the arc flash temperature. Arc flash temperatures can be hotter than the surface of the sun. Any electrical device that has high enough energy to sustain an arc, even low voltage devices, can create an arc flash. An arc flash can be caused by poor maintenance, sub-standard parts, missing insulation, corrosion on conductors, or simply approaching the amperage source with a conductive object. Whatever the cause, the results can be devastating.

Arc flash is an extremely violent event that may occur without warning and is capable of killing instantly. In an arc flash event, temperatures exceeding 34,000 degrees may be reached, igniting clothing and causing severe burns. Along with a blinding flash of light, the arc flash explosion sprays out high speed metal shrapnel and molten metal particles along with a powerful pressure wave called an 'arc blast' that is capable of collapsing lungs, causing hearing loss, concussions, and causing the person to fall or be thrown. Electricity is a major cause of death. Many workers die from injuries sustained in an arc flash. Those who survive arc flash injuries may have long recovery periods or be permanently disabled.

There may be many workers in your facility who are at risk from arc flash danger. It is estimated that five to ten arc flash explosions occur daily in the United States, resulting in one to two deaths each day. Safety labeling is an important part of every facility's safety program. Combined with safe work practices, education, and personal protective clothing, safety labeling helps to reduce the risk from arc flash danger that workers face each day.

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